BWT cleaners are designed to achieve a pool that is simply perfect. Powerful, efficient, ergonomic, easy to use and very simple to maintain.  The highest suction power thanks to the precise adjustment of the suction inlets.

Cleans floors and walls. It is equipped with two filters with 4D technology with a special fabric with a loop that cleans four times better than a conventional filter. Its ultrafine filtration retains particles down to 2 microns.

With its wheels and PVA brushes they can easily move on any type of surface and thanks to their excellent grip they can easily climb up the steepest surfaces.

They have the intelligent and exclusive Smart Navigation System which, composed of a gyro + algorithm, scans and detects obstacles and then calculates the cleaning path. Thanks to its efficient cleaning system and powerful suction, cleaning cycles are shorter and therefore consume less energy with impeccable results

Very ergonomic and easy to use: the filter is loaded from above and has a transparent cover that allows the dirt inside to be seen without having to open it. A light indicates when the filter is full. Easy to transport and store thanks to its robust and practical trolley. Anti-tangle swivel allows total freedom of movement.

For pools up to 80 m².
Cleans bottom, walls and waterline
Filter access: upper
Filter type: 4D Filter (x 2) Ultrafine Filtration
PVA brushes
Navigation system: Smart Navigation
Features Power supply: On/Off
Duty cycle: 2 h
Management system: Breezer Tec.
Cable length: 18 m
Cable colour: grey
Adjustable suction ports: Yes
Extra brushes: vibrators
Electronic and mechanical swivel
Transport trolley
3 year warranty

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