At FREEDOM POOLS CENTER we specialise in the World of Swimming Pools.

We give our clients advice on how to choose the right swimming pool. We are also experts in swimming pool maintenance, repairs and remodelling services.


Our number one mission is to advise the client on what could be the best solution if they want a swimming pool, and also about how to maintain, repair or remodel it.


Our extensive experience means that we know this sector very well so we will install your swimming pool with a total warranty and we will also supply you with the best swimming pool maintenance products. If you already have a swimming pool but you have problems of watertightness, leaks, cracks or any other problem, we will also provide you with the safest and most innovative solutions.


Our experts will pay you a visit with no obligation and if you so wish, they can plan and carry out a technical assessment on the soil to provide you with the best solution.

Subsequently, our highly qualified, responsible installers, whose work quality and customer service is first class, will install your swimming pool in just three days (*), without bothering you and without leaving any mess.


At FREEDOM POOLS CENTER, we have one of the biggest swimming pool showrooms, which is fully operational in the area of Alicante, Murcia, Albacete, Valencia and Almeria, where our highly specialised team of professionals to give our clients the best solutions.


You will be able to check out the features of the Freedom Pools for yourself in our showroom.

Our showroom is located on the road Elche-Crevillente Nacional 340, Km 51. 03290 in Elche (Alicante), next to Hiperber and the Restaurante Mayordomo.


En nuestra exposición podrás encontrar piscinas de Freedom Pools y comprobar sus calidades.

Nuestra exposición se encuentra en la carretera Elche-Crevillente Nacional 340, Km 51. 03290 en Elche (Alicante) Junto a Hiperber y el Restaurante Mayordomo.


In our shop we sell a wide variety of the best accessories and products from the leading brands on the market to maintain and clean your swimming pool and our experts are there to advise you.



Have a look at our Vídeotips to find out all you need to know to look after your pool on our Youtube channel!

5.Our Team

At Freedom Pools Center our large team of professionals who are swimming pool experts help our clients with anything they need.


Cristina Bernad


Fran Abellán


Tomás Cortés

Jose Díez2

José Díez

Technical Head