Freedom Pools is a prestigious Australian brand that specialises in designing and making polyester Swimming Pools and Spas, which is known all over the world.


For more than 40 years, FREEDOM POOLS has been distinguished in the polyester swimming pool sector for its continual and numerous innovations in the manufacturing process, using only the best materials, made especially out of polyester.


We have incorporated the “Vinyl ester” resin to protect your swimming pool against any type of structural osmosis or osmotic blisters. This product protects them even in the most extreme weather conditions.


FREEDOM POOLS works exclusively with “Marble Tech ™” finishes, technology based on a high quality gel coat finish that visually and structurally improves your pool.


All our swimming pools are made in compliance with the Australian manufacturing standards, which are totally reliable.

Only Freedom Pools gives a 35-year structural guarantee when you buy one of our swimming pools


This system has revolutionised the polyester industry. There are 23 colours to choose from and feel. Now each dip in the pool will be enhanced by a fusion of colour. From Mediterranean blue to the shiny jade crystals.

  • This is the result of more than 10 years of on-going research, evolution and tests.
  • It is an extra luxury that now you can enjoy.
  • It has revolutionised the polyester industry.
  • It is a worldwide innovation.


Eco Pure™ is an
antimicrobial system that helps prevent algae growth. Eco Pure can reduce up to 99% of common bacteria*, meaning pool owners can limit the number of additional chemicals and additives needed to keep their pools clean and healthy


It is UV, chlorine and fade resistant giving longevity to the health of your pool.


* In conjunction with proper maintenance of the water


7.Why FreedomPools
  • Made in Spain in compliance with the strict Australian manufacturing standards.
  • Constant innovation in order to improve our products and services.
  • Quality in the materials: we choose the parts and the equipment from the leading suppliers in the sector.
  • Our swimming pools undergo strict quality control inspections once they have been made.
  • They are easy to clean thanks to their rounded edges.
  • Revolutionary design in all our swimming pools
  • Functional and reliable.
  • Amazing value for money.
  • Functional and reliable.
  • Amazing value for money.
  • • Less chemicals are used because the surface is smooth, waterproof and it repels algae.
  • The Gel coat finish is easy to clean and it is stain resistant.
  • Our swimming pools are available in a fantastic range of colours, shapes, sizes and designs.
  • Exclusive Marble Tech finishes.
  • Chemical barrier against osmosis.
  • All the walkable surfaces are ROUGH.
  • Perimeter structures reinforced by a bond beam.
  • HYDROTHERAPY system available in various models.
  • Coping built into the basin.
  • Installation in 3 DAYS
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The expansion of Freedom Pools all over the world is thanks to the quality and the innovation of our swimming pools.

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For many years, our excellent quality standard and the originality of our models have been famous around the world.


Put your trust in our professional team and you will find out, first-hand, how Freedom Pools is committed to ensuring your complete peace of mind.